Franke Home Solutions: New name for joint division

Source: FRANKE

In July 2020, the Franke Group announced the merger of the Faber Hoods & Cooking Systems and Franke Kitchen Systems divisions. As of January 1, 2021, the new division will operate under the name of Franke Home Solutions. The Franke Group is thereby pooling its expertise in the areas of food preparation and cooking for the residential kitchen. The vision is to be present in each and every household with a Franke anchor product.

The new name Franke Home Solutions not only stands for food preparation (bowls, sinks and taps etc.) and cooking (hoods and hobs), but also reflects the perspective to leverage the division’s expertise in order to grow its presence in the kitchen. Barbara Borra, President/CEO of the Franke Home Solutions Division describes the reasons as follows: “With the new division, we have set ourselves the goal of steadily expanding our presence in the kitchen. Our anchor products should act as door openers to expand into new spaces, such as with indoor air quality. Our vision is to be present in every household with our innovative solutions. Franke Home Solutions focuses not only on high quality products and excellent service, but also on the development of intelligent end-to-end solutions. With a complementary, perfectly matched range of products from a single source and simpler sales and service structures, we can support our B2B partners even better and offer our consumers the best possible experience. In doing so, we can create real added value for our stakeholders – business partners, end consumers and employees.”

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